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Pricing Information

There's actually quite alot of variables when it comes to pricing our products.  Hopefully we can at least give you an idea here.


Vinyl is basically priced in terms of size of the graphic.  How much vinyl will your job require?  The number of colors in your graphic is also a consideration, the more colors, the more vinyl, the more it will cost.  All of our vinyl graphics are custom designed and computer cut to your specifications.



There are many variables when it comes to pricing screenprinted items.  In order to give you an accurate price quote, it is important to have the following information available when you inquire:

1)   THE TYPE OF ITEM YOU WANT PRINTED.  Prices vary for 50/50
blend to 100% cotton blends, from short sleeve tees to long sleeves, and for crewneck or hooded sweatshirts.  I use a "BASE PRICE" which is a price for a specific item, quantity of 6-11, and with a single 1-color print on the item.

2)   THE SIZE OF THE PRINT.  You will have an intial SET-UP charge for each design you print.  The charge for the set-up is based on the size of the print (small left chest versus full front or back print), and the number of colors in each design.

3)  THE NUMBER OF PRINTS.  If you have more than just a front print, there will be charges for the additional prints, depending on the size and the number of colors in that print.  There will also be an additional set-up charge for each design.

4)  THE NUMBER OF COLORS in each print.  In addition to the set-up charge, if you have a print that will require more than one color, there will be a charge of .40 cents per color for each additional color in your design.  There are also additional charges for "additional prints", again, depending upon the number of colors in that specific print.

5)  THE QUANTITY.  Quantity discounts are given at specific intervals beginning with a quantity of 11-15 pieces.

SET-UP CHARGES  ----------------------------------------------------

Here are the current charges for Set-Up.  These are one-time charges for producing your design and getting it ready for print.

                                             1-color    2-color    3-color    4-color    5-color    6-color
Small Left Chest Print               $24         $30        $36         $42        $48         $54
Large Front or Back Print          $40         $60        $80         $100       $120       $140

Need some prices?  Just call or email Brian or Taylor and make sure you have all your ducks in a row (see above...) and if you have style numbers from the various websites, or just want to know about a particular shirt just let me know.  Thanks.
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