Heatstroke Screenprinting
 & Vinyl Graphics

P.O. Box 23    2215 Elmway     Okanogan, WA 98840
Ph: 509-422-5021  email:   

Signs, Banners, Window stickers, Truck lettering...you get the idea.

Our vinyl cutting service offers SIGNS , BANNERS , VEHICLE GRAPHICS, WINDOW STICKERS, and other assorted vinyl applications.

We can provide your with professional quality signage for indoor and outdoor uses, as well as window graphics to dress up your business.

We offer a large selection of banners, virtually any size or color you need.

Our graphics are completely custom which means you can design and display your logos whoever you wish.

We also offer "Thermo-Film" services for numbering your team uniforms and applying graphics to virtually any type of wearable or sports-related item.

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